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Recreational Barrel Works Red 60L Canoe Barrel

Recreational Barrel Works Red 60L Canoe Barrel

New for 2024, Recreational Barrel Works now offers Red 60L Canoe Barrels - sturdy, water tight, gasketed, food grade virgin HDPE camp barrels designed to be used with a harness that provides protection for your food and/or gear, keeps critters from getting in, and also serves as a cutting board/prep table, camp table, or camp chair.

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5-Star Service
Trusted Equipment
5-Star Service
5-Star Service

New for 2024, Recreational Barrel Works now offers their 60L Canoe Barrels in high-vis red. A staple of backcountry trips, these BPA-free, food grade virgin HDPE (high density polyethylene) plastic barrels provides a sturdy, crush-proof, water-tight container for storing and packing in food or supplies, and features a gasketed, air-tight lid to keep smells in, and rain and water out.

Useful not only for storage and as a pack (when combined with a harness), but the underside of the lid makes a great cutting board/prep surface, and the barrel itself can be used as a bush table, or camp stool.

Please note: the lid and metal ring can be tight and require a good deal of force to close when the barrel is new. As the gasket forms to the lid top over time, this gets easier as time goes on.

Barrel Specs:
Capacity: 60 L / 16 gal
Lid features a gasket, and locking ring
Height/Length/Width: 63 x 39 x 39 cm / 24⅜" x 15½" x 15½"
Max circumference: 125cm / 49¼"
Inner diameter of the opening: 32.5cm / 12 ¾"
Weight 4.2 kg / 9.2 lbs

Made in China

Please note: 60L barrels do not qualify for free shipping.


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