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RBW Coureur Two-Part Canoe Pack

RBW Coureur Two-Part Canoe Pack

Part of RBW's "Heritage Line", the Coureur 2-Part Canoe Pack is a unique modular pack designed for those who need a smaller single pack for personal items or group gear, an extra pack for use with their existing canoe pack, or for solo paddlers where splitting the load makes for more stability in their canoe while paddling, but can be combined into a single pack and load when portaging. The included removable shoulder straps, and option for tump use also allow the Coureur to do double duty as tank bags for winter toboggans and pulks when winter camping.

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Part of RBW's “Heritage Line” of packs that draw inspiration from traditional packs and methods of Canada’s fur trading past, the Coureur Two-Part Canoe Pack is a modular 104L pack comprised of two separate 52L sub-packs that can be stowed in a canoe separately to help balance a load, but can then be combined into a single pack when portaging (by use connection points between the packs, and removable shoulder straps and optional tump line).

The pack can be purchased either in it's constituent parts, or together as a whole.

Individual sub-packs can fit a 20 or 30L barrel with room to spare, and are great as additions to existing packs or portaging systems, where they can be tossed on top during portages, or as dedicated smaller packs for either personal or group gear. Made from 1000 denier nylon, these hard-wearing packs sport 2" webbing that runs down both sides and along the bottom of the pack to secure the load to a tumpline (the preferred way of carrying one pack - while shoulder straps can be used, the Coureur sub-packs are wider than they are tall - which means each sub-pack does not go the full length of an adult back).

Each sub-pack has quick release buckles on the lid that closes over an expandable drawstring attic with 2 compression straps to keep your gear contained. Three high-vis grab handles on each section make it easy to get this pack in and out of the canoe, or placed around camp . A daisy chain strip along both sides give additional lash points, and packs are connected to each other via a series of quick release buckles.

Additionally, Coureur sub-packs make excellent bags for lashing into a freight toboggan for winter camping use, as their low profile and low centre of gravity helps keeps tipping to a minimum.

When the two sub-packs of the Coureur are combined into a single pack, shoulder straps are useful, and can be combined with use of a tump for efficiency and comfort when portaging. When purchased as a 2-part pack, removable padded shoulder straps with sternum strap are included. When purchasing as individual sub-packs, shoulder straps can be purchased separately. Both configurations are interoperable with optional RBW tumps and Super Tumps.

RBW Coureur Two-Part Canoe Pack Sub-Pack Dimensions:

  • Overall Volume: 52 Litres / 3173 cubic inches
  • Width: 56cm / 22"
  • Depth: 30.5cm / 12"
  • Height 30.5cm / 12"

RBW Coureur Two-Part Canoe Pack Dimensions:

  • Overall Volume: 104 Litres / 6336 cubic inches
  • Width: 56cm / 22"
  • Depth: 30.5cm / 12"
  • Height 61cm / 24"
  • Weight: 2.0 kg/ 4.4 lbs

RBW Coureur Two-Part Canoe Pack Specifications:

  • Construction of 1000 denier nylon.
  • Attic/Cuff: Adds more storage space if required.
  • Sub-Packs available in Acorn (Light Brown/Olive) or Ochre (Pictograph Red).
  • Coureur 2-Part Pack sold with one Acorn and one Ochre pack, and shoulder straps.

RBW Coureur Two-Part Canoe Pack Features:

  • Highly modular: can be used as a single sub-pack, or together as a 2-part pack
  • Each pack section has ¾” reticulated foam over a layer of dense EVA foam (½”) in the back panel to prevent gear from digging into wearer's back
  • 6 hi-visibility grab handles – 3 on each section of the pack for easy handling.
  • Pack sections clip together easily via the use of 5 quick-release buckles.
  • Quick release buckles can be used to secure items when pack sections are separated.
  • Expandable top attic cuff under each lid for extra volume, with a drawstring closure.
  • 2 x yellow compression straps are easy to see under each lid.
  • Daisy chains on sides to attach extra gear or help secure to your winter sled/toboggan.
  • 2-inch webbing down both sides and along the bottom of the pack to secure the load to a tumpline.
  • Each lid secures closed with 3 quick release compression straps.
  • Reinforcement on – handles, shoulder straps and tumpline connection points.
  • A 20L or 30L Barrel will easily fit inside one section.
  • Modular Shoulder Straps can be set to have the load ride as high or low as you desire.
  • Modular Shoulder Straps are removable to suit your portaging style.
  • Optional: Super Tump or regular Tumpline can be added.

RBW Coureur Two-Part Canoe Pack
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