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Canoe Packs

Canoe packs are large capacity packs used during portages and while on canoe trips in the back country.
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Frost River
Recreational Barrel Works

About Canoe Packs

Recreational Barrel Works Canoe Pack are built tough from 100 denier cordura construction and offer capacities up to 125L. Available in 2 models - the Tripper is an entry level, no fills pack, while the Expedition offers more volume, pockets, and adjustable straps to handle those demanding portages.

With capacities of up to 148L, our rugged, USA made Frost River canoe packs offer enough space for tents, sleeping bags, clothes and other gear while out paddling and portaging. Featuring construction of 18oz waved canvas (plenty rugged enough to take bushwhacking when you go looking for that lost portage route) premium leather and solid brass hardware, these canoe packs will become trusty companions on short overnights, 3 to 4 day weekend adventures, or on expeditions spanning weeks on the water.

Our Canoe Packs

We stock only the best in Canoe Packs so you can rest assured knowing you're COEC Equipped.
RBW Expedition Canoe Pack
RBW Expedition Canoe PackThe new 2023 version of the RBW Expedition Canoe pack is a 125L canoe pack that features the ability to employ an internal frame sheet and stays, 7 padded handle points (for easy lifting in and out of canoes), highly padded adjustable shoulder and hip straps with "Easy Snug" one handed operation, a durable, double layered bottom, a cinch-able top cuff, a zippered top flap, side compression straps, side pockets and more - everything one needs for portaging a well loaded and stocked canoe pack.
RBW Tripper Canoe Pack
RBW Tripper Canoe PackThe newly updated 2023 RBW Tripper Canoe pack is a basic, tough, no frills 96L canoe pack that features 1000 denier nylon construction (2 layers on the bottom for durability), a pocket in the lid, a cinch-able top cuff under the lid, removable waist straps, a sternum strap, 7 handle points, and daisy chains on the top flap for attaching pouches and gear.
Frost River Canoe Thwart Bag
Frost River Canoe Thwart BagThe Frost River Canoe Thwart Bag provides storage space for maps, water bottles, bug spray, sunscreen, fishing gear and other essentials while paddling or portaging your canoe - keeping them accessible, and preventing them from rolling around in the bottom of your boat.
Frost River Tregurtha Canoe Pack
Frost River Tregurtha Canoe PackThe Frost River Tregurtha is Frost River's largest canoe pack and is named after the Paul R. Tregurtha: the biggest ore boat on the Great Lakes. With a max volume of 149L, this rugged, built like a tank canvas canoe pack is ready for any and all of your canoeing and portaging adventures.
Frost River Camp Cook's Kitchen Canoe Pack
Frost River Camp Cook's Kitchen Canoe PackThe Frost River Camp Cook's Kitchen Canoe pack is much loved by canoeists, whether designated the camp cook or not. Featuring two large side pockets, and a detachable utensil roll, this hand made American canvas canoe pack features unparalleled quality and craftsmanship for all your canoeing and camping adventures.
RBW Waterproof Canoe Pack/Backpack Liner
RBW Waterproof Canoe Pack/Backpack LinerThe RBW Canoe Pack/Backpack liner functions as a waterproof pack liner, or XL dry bag for canoe packs, backpacks, or any pack with 65 - 140L volumes. This large pack liner is available in 2 variations: a lightweight 30 Denier waterproof coated honeycomb ripstop nylon, or heavyweight 70 Denier waterproof coated grid ripstop nylon - both feature taped seams and reinforced stress areas - providing a waterproof enclosure for everything in your pack.
Frost River Accessory Bags
Frost River Accessory BagsFrost River Accessory Bags (available in 3 sizes) are surprisingly spacious due to their triangular (narrow at the bottom, wide at the top) design, and are ideal for stowing various items (toiletries, paracord, bug spray, batteries, utensils, etc..).
Frost River Accessory Bag - Heritage Black Edition
Frost River Accessory Bag - Heritage Black EditionThe Frost River Accessory Bag (available in 3 sizes) are ideal for stowing various items (batteries, utensils, toiletries, paracord, bug spray, etc..), and are surprisingly spacious due to their triangular (narrow at the bottom, wide at the top) design.
Exped Waterproof Compression Bag
Exped Waterproof Compression Bag Exped's waterproof compression bags are ideal for dry storage and compacting of clothes, sleeping bags or other items you need to keep dry. The seam taped material reliably protects against water, moisture, dirt and dust. This versatile bag can also be used as an effective bag pump when the Exped schnozzle (sold separately) is attached.
Recreational Barrel Works Tump Line
Recreational Barrel Works Tump LineTump lines at first glance appear to be relics of a bygone era, but when used correctly in the field, tump lines provide a highly efficient means of transferring loads down through the spine and onto the hips - making for much more comfortable and less strenuous portages.
Waterproof Map Case
Waterproof Map CaseRBW's Waterproof Paddler's Map Case is a fully waterproof (to IP68 standards) heavy duty map case for maps and devices that is viewable from both sides with four d-rings to connect or lash onto your deck or packs - a map case made by paddlers for paddlers.
Frost River Tool Roll
Frost River Tool RollThe Frost River Tool Roll is a handy, versatile package for easy access and storage of not only tools, but sharpening implements, utensils, art supplies, edc items, etc. Made from the same tough, durable waxed canvas as Frost River's packs.
Frost River Utensil Roll
Frost River Utensil RollThe Frost River Utensil Roll not only makes for excellent storage of cooking utensils, but also for sharpening implements, tools, flashlights, lines, pens and more. Made from durable 18oz cotton with solid brass grommets in Duluth, USA.
Frost River Canoe Seat Pad and Bag
Frost River Canoe Seat Pad and BagThe Frost River Canoe Seat Pad & Bag is a very handy addition to your canoe kit. The seat pad makes both caned and webbed seats much more comfortable, and the bag and slip pocket that hang beneath are perfect for stowing snacks, bug spray, sunscreen, maps and more.
Frost River Canoe Bow Bag
Frost River Canoe Bow BagThe Frost River Canoe Bow Bag is a great place to stow essentials (bug spray, bug nets, sunscreen, etc..) that are easily accessible, yet secure when either paddling or portaging.
Frost River Grand Portage Canoe Pack
Frost River Grand Portage Canoe PackThe Frost River Grand Portage pack is a 123L waxed canvas canoe pack that is hand made in the USA. Perfect for multi-day canoe trips, the Grand Portage pack's rugged, durable construction ensures reliability and dependability while paddling and portaging.
Frost River Cliff Jacobson Signature Pack
Frost River Cliff Jacobson Signature PackThe Cliff Jacobson Signature Pack can function as a smaller canoe pack or as a full featured daypack. It includes a large main compartment, two large 2-in-1 side pockets, a front slip pocket, and flaps to keep your gear in - a versatile, compact, hard-wearing pack.
Frost River Timber Cruiser Canoe Pack
Frost River Timber Cruiser Canoe PackThe Frost River Timber Cruiser Pack is a mid-to-large size (85.5L) canoe pack with 2-in-one side pockets, and features padded backstraps, 18oz. waxed cotton canvas, double bottom construction, solid brass hardware, and hand pounded harness rivets. A canoe pack that's made to last.
Frost River Nessmuk
Frost River NessmukThe Frost River Nessmuk pack is a reproduction of writer George Washington Sears’ (a.k.a Nessmuk’s) old Maine guide pack from the 1880’s and delivers hard-wearing performance in a compact, well thought out design that's great for day use, or as a secondary smaller pack on canoe trips.
Frost River Woodsman Canoe Pack
Frost River Woodsman Canoe PackThe Frost River Woodsman canoe pack is a smaller, 51L canoe pack that is perfect for shorter trips, smaller loads, or smaller people. Featuring the same rugged construction of Frost River's other packs but with an overall smaller footprint, the Woodsman can function as a canoe pack, and also as daypack.
Frost River Old No. 7 Canoe Pack
Frost River Old No. 7 Canoe PackThe Frost River Old No. 7 Canoe Pack is a great medium sized all purpose canoe pack, well suited to quick over-nighters, or longer multi day expeditions. Like all Frost River packs the Old No. 7 is built in the USA and made to last a lifetime of canoe trips.
Frost River Vintage Pack with Padded Buckskin Straps
Frost River Vintage Pack with Padded Buckskin StrapsThe Frost River Vintage Pack (upgraded with buckskin shoulder straps), is a mid-sized backpack that if both functional, and attractive, and can be used as a daypack, as a small canoe pack, or as an every day carry bag for use in town.
Frame Sheet for RBW Expedition Canoe Packs
Frame Sheet for RBW Expedition Canoe PacksRBW's optional rigid frame sheet for The Expedition Canoe Pack (2023 model onwards) allows for the transferring of weight down the pack and onto the wearer's hips - as opposed to pulling on shoulder straps. Highly recommended for heavy loads, the included aluminum stays can be shaped to fit the contours of the wearer's back - making long portages much more comfortable, and far less fatiguing.
Canoe Bow Line Bag
Sold Out Canoe Bow Line BagRBW's Canoe Bow Line Bag provides a quick and easy way to stow, retrieve and portage bow lines when tying off canoes, kayaks and other vessels.

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