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Woolpower - Merino Wool Clothing

The full collection of Woolpower thermal wear, merino wool clothing made in Sweden and available across North America. Outstanding cold weather performance, wicking, wear and performance.
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Ivanhoe of Sweden
Woolpower Ostersund
Woolpower WoolcareWoolpower Woolcare $21.50
coec choiceWoolpower LITE CrewneckWoolpower LITE Unisex Crewneck $139.50
coec choiceWoolpower CrewneckWoolpower Unisex Crewneck $136.25
coec choiceWoolpower Socks 200, 400, 600 g/mWoolpower Socks 200 - 400 - 600 g/m² $24.75 - $38.00
coec choiceWoolpower Socks - 400 g/m² - Rust RedWoolpower Socks - 400 g/m² - Rust Red $30.25
Woolpower Socks 800g/mWoolpower Socks 800g/m² $51.75
coec choiceWoolpower Socks KneehighsWoolpower Socks Kneehighs $41.25 - $47.50
Woolpower Liner SocksWoolpower Liner Socks $23.25 - $27.50
Woolpower Raggsock -  800g/m²Woolpower Raggsock - 800g/m² $51.75
Woolpower LITE Men's Long JohnsWoolpower LITE Men's Long Johns $120.25
Woolpower LITE 3/4 Long JohnsWoolpower LITE 3/4 Men's Long Johns $110.25Woolpower LITE Women's Long JohnsWoolpower LITE Women's Long Johns $120.25
Woolpower Long JohnsWoolpower Unisex Long Johns $116.25 - $156.75
Woolpower Long Johns with FlyWoolpower Long Johns With Fly $122.50 - $163.75
Woolpower LITE Men's Boxer Brief UnderwearWoolpower LITE Men's Boxer Briefs $65.75
Woolpower LITE Xlong Men's Boxer BriefsWoolpower LITE Xlong Men's Boxer Briefs $91.00
coec choiceWoolpower Full Zip JacketWoolpower Full Zip Jacket $272.50
coec choiceIvanhoe Men's NLS Pentland 100% Wool HoodieIvanhoe Men's NLS Pentland 100% Wool Hoodie $273.00
Ivanhoe NLS Sap Men's 100% Wool Full Zip Mid Layer JacketIvanhoe NLS Sap Men's 100% Wool Full Zip Mid-Layer Jacket $287.50
Ivanhoe Morel Hood MaleIvanhoe Men's Morel Hood Mid-Layer Jacket $319.75
Ivanhoe NLS Humla Wool PonchoIvanhoe NLS Humla Wool Poncho $244.25Woolpower LITE Zip TurtleneckWoolpower LITE Unisex Zip Turtleneck $154.00
Woolpower Zip TurtleneckWoolpower Unisex Zip Turtleneck $150.00 - $204.50
Woolpower BalaclavaWoolpower Balaclava $53.00 - $57.25
Woolpower Headband/Neck GaiterWoolpower Headband/Neck Gaitor $41.25
Woolpower Helmet Liner CapWoolpower Helmet Liner Cap $44.00
Woolpower LITE BeanieWoolpower LITE Beanie $60.25
Woolpower Classic BeanieWoolpower Classic Beanie $73.25
Woolpower Ribbed BeanieWoolpower Ribbed Beanie $88.25
Woolpower LITE TubeWoolpower LITE Tube $48.50
Woolpower ToqueWoolpower Toque $68.25
Woolpower Tube 200Woolpower Tube 200 $44.75
coec choiceWoolpower MittensWoolpower Mitts $55.75
Woolpower Wrist GaitersWoolpower Wrist Gaiters $41.25
Woolpower LITE Unisex TeeWoolpower LITE Unisex Tee $117.50
Women’s Woolpower LITE Boxer Briefs XlongWomen’s Woolpower LITE Boxer Briefs Xlong $91.00
Woolpower Felt InsolesWoolpower Felt Insoles $13.75
Woolpower Sit PadWoolpower Sit Pads $12.25 - $17.50
Sold OutWoolpower Jamtlann BeanieWoolpower Jamtlann Beanie
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Woolpower products are made in Östersund, Sweden, where they have been making them for over 40 years. Originally called Ullfrotté and developed as a means to improve cold weather performance for the Swedish military (in fact Woolpower is still the preferred layering system for many European NATO armies), Woolpower’s unique garments blend 2/3’s fine Patagonian merino wool with synthetic fibres to yield outstanding wicking, wear, and performance qualities.

Merino Wool Clothing by Woolpower

While merino wool is an unparalleled thermal fibre (it wicks moisture, prevents the build up of bacteria and odours, retains heat even when wet, and is soft enough be worn directly on the skin), it’s fine nature makes it somewhat fragile (it wears quickly). By blending with synthetics (nylon/polyester,) durability and strength is greatly increased - so much so that Woolpower apparel can be washed in hot (60° C) water in a washing machine, and can be dried in a dryer on low or medium heat; meaning it can be laundered like any other other clothing - no need to hand wash or flat dry.

Along with it’s blend of materials, Woolpower’s unique terry weave is also key to it’s thermal capabilities. When worn, it is in fact 80% air. It provides fewer contact points against the skin for heat to conduct away from the body and also traps air between the skin and the garment, providing an effective insulating barrier, and allowing moisture vapour to transpire to the outside of the garment.

Woolpower attire is knitted on tubular machines, meaning there are a minimum of seams (only one across the toe of socks, for example, and none down the legs or torsos of base layers). Seams that are present are flat and triple stitched, and each garment bares the name of the one seamstress who made it - ensuring a high quality product, a better working environment, and pride of work and craftsmanship.

Types of Woolpower

Woolpower Base Layers High quality Woolpower blended merino wool base layer clothing is designed to be worn directly against the skin for optimal moisture wicking and thermal insulation, and can be combined with additional mid-layers when more warmth is needed.
Woolpower Mid Layer Jackets Woolpower Merino Wool clothing is designed to bolster the thermal properties of base layers to offer an exponential increase in thermal protection.
Woolpower LITE Woolpower LITE are merino wool blended base layers. Perfect for running, hiking, canoeing, camping, skiing, jogging and more. Made in Sweden.
Woolpower Socks The ultimate in comfort, Woolpower socks are unparalleled at keeping your feet warm and dry. Available in 200, 400 600 and 800 g/m weights and in regular or knee high lengths.
Woolpower Hand & Head Gear Woolpower toques, beanies, mitts, and wrist gaiters are keys to retaining body heat and keeping you warm so you can enjoy the outdoors.
Woolpower Accessories Woolpower Accessories insulate feet in slippers, shoes or boots, or butts in stadiums, arenas, or camp chairs. 50% merino wool and 50% synthetic fibres for comfort and durability.

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