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Fenix Flashlights

Flashlights, and in particular LED flashlights are currently experiencing a renaissance in terms of power, output and function. LED’s are vastly more efficient than their incandescent bulb ancestors, they last orders of magnitude longer, are infinitely more durable, and are much, much brighter.
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coec choiceFenix HM50R V2 Rechargeable Headlamp/Stand Alone FlashlightFenix HM50R V2 Rechargeable Headlamp/Stand Alone Flashlight $81.95
coec choiceFenix HM23 LED HeadlampFenix HM23 LED Headlamp $47.95
Fenix USB Rechargeable 18650 BatteryFenix USB Rechargeable 18650 Battery $35.55 - $126.75
Fenix 21700 Rechargeable Li-Ion BatteryFenix 21700 Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery $34.55 - $101.00
Fenix CL26R Camp LanternFenix CL26R Camp Lantern $82.25
Fenix Colour Diffusers for LD, TK, RC and E Model FlashlightsFenix Colour Diffusers for LD, TK, RC and E Model Flashlights $10.50 - $10.95
Fenix HM61R HeadlampFenix HM61R Headlamp $123.95
Fenix ARB-L16-700UP BatteryFenix ARB-L16-700UP Battery $10.95
Fenix PD25R FlashlightFenix PD25R Flashlight $87.95
Fenix TK20R V2 Tactical FlashlightFenix TK20R V2.0 Tactical Flashlight $179.95
Fenix TK16 v2 FlashlightFenix TK16 V2.0 Flashlight $136.95
Fenix UC35 Rechargeable FlashlightFenix UC35 V2.0 Rechargeable Flashlight $123.25
Fenix LR40R FlashlightFenix LR40R Flashlight $383.95 - $518.00
Fenix PD36R FlashlightFenix PD36R Flashlight $136.95Fenix LD12 Flashlight - 2017 EditionFenix LD12 Flashlight - 2017 Edition $68.95
Fenix 16340 USB Rechargeable BatteryFenix 16340 USB Rechargeable Battery $13.50Fenix E01 V2 FlashlightFenix E01 V2 Flashlight $18.95newFenix PD36R Pro FlashlightFenix PD36R Pro Flashlight $166.95Fenix HT30R Laser FlashlightFenix HT30R Laser Flashlight $395.95
Fenix Camp Light DiffusersFenix Camp Light Diffusers $6.50 - $10.95Fenix LD-PD-UC  Colour DiffusersFenix Colour Diffusers for LD, PD, and UC Model Flashlights $6.50 - $8.00Fenix Traffic Wand DiffusersFenix Traffic Wand Diffusers $6.50 - $9.95Fenix LR50R FlashlightFenix LR50R Flashlight $439.95Fenix LR35R FlashlightFenix LR35R Flashlight $272.95Fenix PD36 TAC FlashlightFenix PD36 TAC Flashlight $136.95Fenix HM65R HeadlampFenix HM65R Headlamp $136.95Fenix HM60R HeadlampFenix HM60R Headlamp $109.95Fenix E20 V2 FlashlightFenix E20 V2 Flashlight $61.95Fenix ALF-18 Battery HolderFenix ALF-18 Battery Holder $8.50Fenix 14500 Li-Ion BatteryFenix 14500 Li-Ion Battery $11.95newFenix E-Star Self Powered Emergency FlashlightFenix E-Star Self-Powered Hand Crank Emergency Flashlight $53.95newFenix TK35 UE V2.0 FlashlightFenix TK35 UE V2.0 Flashlight $191.95newFenix PD35 V3.0 FlashlightFenix PD35 V3.0 Flashlight $108.95newFenix LD22 Flashlight V2.0Fenix LD22 Flashlight V2.0 $90.95newFenix E18R V2.0 Keychain FlashlightFenix E18R V2.0 Keychain Flashlight $88.95newFenix PD35R FlashlightFenix PD35R Flashlight $125.95Sold OutFenix HM70R HeadlampFenix HM70R Headlamp
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Sold OutFenix HP25R V2.0 LED HeadlampFenix HP25R V2.0 LED Headlamp
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Choosing The Right Flashlight

Flashlights, and in particular LED flashlights are currently experiencing a renaissance in terms of power, output and function. LED’s are vastly more efficient than their incandescent bulb ancestors, they last orders of magnitude longer, are infinitely more durable, and are much, much brighter. LED flashlights are doing what computers did in the 1980’s: exponentially increasing their power and efficiency every year. This makes for a large array of lights to choose from.

Deciding on battery chemistry, flashlight size, and what characteristics you prefer for your purposes will help guide your decision when choosing a flashlight.

Flashlight Battery Types

We suggest selecting a suitable flashlight by starting with deciding what battery type you’d like to power your light: AA and AAA batteries, or lithium and lithium ion batteries. Both have advantages and disadvantages. AA batteries are ubiquitous. Widely used, and widely available, any corner store or gas station will have them, and you most likely have some in your home already. Available in both single use (alkaline) or rechargeable (NiMh) varieties, rechargeable AA batteries can provide up to 1500 charge cycles - greater than lithium ion. Lithium batteries are more power dense that alkaline or NiMh AA batteries, which means lights powered with them are smaller and brighter than their AA counterparts. They also offer excellent cold weather performance, but lithium batteries are not as easy to find, so investing in a set of batteries and a charger usually accompanies the purchase of a lithium battery flashlight.

Flashlight Beams

Once you’ve decided on battery chemistry, decide on whether you want your light to provide a beam that floods or throws. Lights that flood light up a broad area, have a wide centre spot but do not penetrate the darkness very deeply. If you inspect machinery or vehicles at close range, or want to light up a whole campsite at once, this is the light for you. Lights that beams that throw have a deeper reflector, a narrower beam, and a hotter centre spot that will disperse light further into the darkness - good for illuminating things from a distance.

Flashlight Output in Lumens

Light output, measured in lumens is a measure of total output, and is not a good indicator of how bright a flashlight will appear: a 1600 lumen flood light can look less bright than a 900 lumen flashlight with more throw - even though it’s overall light output is higher. Light temperature (colour) will also affect how well a light illuminates. Neutral (warmer) whites provide more detail, while cooler (bluer) whites are starker and provide more contrast. Someone using a flashlight for search and rescue may choose a different light than a hiker or a camper.

Types of Flashlights

Lithium & Lithium Ion Flashlights Lithium (single use) and lithium ion (rechargeable) flashlights offer the brightest output in the smallest form. Long lasting & great in low temperatures.
Lithium Powered Headlamps Lithium powered headlamps are highly versatile and powerful in feature compact form. Great for camping, canoeing, boating, hiking and many other outdoor uses.
AA Powered Flashlights AA Powered Flashlights use AA alkaline (single use), NiMh (rechargeable) and lithium (single use, but higher power density and better cold weather performance).
AA Powered Headlamps AA battery powered headlamps provide high output from a readily available battery type - both alkaline and rechargeable NiMh batteries can be used in Fenix headlamps.
AAA Powered Flashlights AAA powered flashlights are small and compact making excellent emergency or every day carry lights for lighting a dark path or finding keyholes in the dark.
Fenix Flashlight Accessories Attachments, filters, traffic wands, lampshades, and pressure switches for Fenix flashlights and headlamps.
Fenix Camp Lights Fenix camp lights are perfect for illuminating tents or under tarps while camping via the included hook or magnets in the base of the unit.
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