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Helsdon Hammocks sport a unique bridged design that allow you to lie flat, and are completely self contained: hammocking reimagined!
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About Hammocks

Helsdon Hammocks are the brainchild of inventor David Helsdon, who has worked for over 20 years refining and perfecting the Helsdon Hammock. It's unique design offers several advantages over other hammock designs, including superior stability, the ability to sleep on your side or stomach, an included double layer for the insertion of air mats and sleeping pads (negating the need for underquilts), and plenty of storage space at the head, feet and under the hammock. An interior rain fly provides ample ventilation and protection from the elements without the need to sling a secondary tarp - in every respect, the Helsdon Hammock has been pored over to refine and increase the functionality of it's design elements, that have been extensively field tested, and customer approved.

Our Hammocks

We stock only the best in Hammocks so you can rest assured knowing you're COEC Equipped.
Helsdon Hammock
Helsdon HammockThe Helsdon Hammock redefines hammock camping through various design elements that make it the most comfortable, functional, and easy to set up hammock on the market today - a testament to inventor David Helsdon's 20 years work.
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