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Outdoor Gear Holiday Gift Guide

The Canadian Outdoor Equipment Co's Holiday Gift Guide will help you find that perfect gift for the special outdoors person in your life.
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Products 1 to 40 of 198
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Adventure Medical
Boreal Heartland
Bushcraft Essentials
Cooke Custom Sewing
Council Tool
Dr. Bronner's
Firefly Books
Fisher Space Pens
Fox 40
Frost River
Garvey Brand
Gränsfors Bruk
Hides in Hand
Kelly Kettle
Kevin Callan Books
Klean Kanteen
Knife & Axe
Light My Fire
Lone Pine Publishing
Mora of Sweden
Old North Workshop
Optimus of Sweden
Recreational Barrel Works
TBS Outdoor
The Canadian Outdoor Equipment Co.
Woolpower Ostersund
coec choiceWoolpower Socks 200, 400, 600 g/mWoolpower Socks 200 - 400 - 600 g/m² $24.75 - $38.00
coec choiceWoolpower Full Zip JacketWoolpower Full Zip Jacket $272.50
coec choiceWoolpower CrewneckWoolpower Crewneck $136.25
coec choice550 Paracord Military Spec550 Paracord Military Spec $4.99 - $19.99
coec choiceMoose and Deer Gauntlet MittsMoose and Deer Hide Gauntlet Mitts $115.00 - $120.00
coec choiceMen's Hemp/Organic Cotton T-ShirtsMen's Hemp/Organic Cotton T-Shirts $26.95 - $32.50
coec choiceEsker Folding Wooden BucksawEsker Folding Wooden Bucksaw $149.00 - $195.00
coec choiceKupilka Cup - LargeKupilka Cup - Large $35.50
coec choiceKupilka Firesteel 8Kupilka Firesteel 8 $31.50
coec choiceKupilka BowlsKupilka Bowls $36.75
coec choiceWoolpower Classic BeanieWoolpower Classic Beanie $73.25
coec choice1.1oz Silnylon Tundra Tarp w Quad Loop1.1oz Silnylon Tundra Tarp w Quad Loop $232.75 - $341.50
newSavotta Side PouchesSavotta Side Pouches $58.75 - $80.00coec choiceReflective Utility CordReflective Utility Cord $4.99 - $19.99
newFox 40 Micro WhistleFox 40 Micro Whistle $6.50coec choiceInstaflam Firestarters/TinderInstaflam Firestarters/Tinder $9.75
newJaakari M (Jääkäri-Backpack)Jaakari M (Jääkäri-Backpack) $327.00 - $349.75
coec choiceStormproof MatchesStormproof Matches $6.95 - $10.95
coec choiceWoolpower Socks - 400 g/m² - Rust RedWoolpower Socks - 400 g/m² - Rust Red $30.25
newFox 40 Sharx WhistleFox 40 Sharx Whistle $8.75
coec choiceDr. Bronner Pure Castille Liquid Soap 2ozDr. Bronner Pure Castille Liquid Soap - 59ml $4.75
coec choiceMora Companion MG Bushcraft KnifeMora Companion MG Knife $19.95 - $25.95
newKnife & Axe Wood OilKnife & Axe Wood Oil $17.00 - $108.00coec choiceBahco Laplander SawBahco Laplander Saw $42.50
newJaakari S ((Mini Jääkäri Daypack)Jaakari S (Mini Jääkäri Daypack) $210.50 - $224.50
coec choiceEOG V3 Pocket BellowsEOG V3 Pocket Bellows $19.95
coec choiceTrangia Aluminum Mess Tins (Red Handle)Trangia Aluminum Mess Tins (Red Handle) $15.50 - $22.75
coec choiceWood-Craft Pack Axe - 24Wood-Craft Pack Axe with a 24" Handle $277.00 - $326.00
coec choiceGransfors Bruk Small Forest AxeGränsfors Bruk Small Forest Axe $212.00
coec choiceKnife & Axe Blade OilKnife & Axe Blade Oil $19.00
coec choiceKnife & Axe Handle WaxKnife & Axe Handle Wax $23.00
coec choiceKnife & Axe Axe StoneKnife & Axe Axe Stone $45.00
coec choiceKnife & Axe Sheath CreamKnife & Axe Sheath Cream $19.00
coec choiceSavotta Sleeping MatSavotta Sleeping Mat $103.75
coec choiceFORJ Repair TapeFORJ Repair Tape $27.50
newBaby's First KnifeBaby's First Knife $29.95
coec choiceBushcraft by Mors KochanskiBushcraft by Mors Kochanski $19.95
coec choiceGransfors Bruks Small Splitting AxeGränsfors Bruk Small Splitting Axe $226.00
coec choiceWomen's Hemp/Organic Cotton T-ShirtWomen's Hemp/Organic Cotton T-Shirt $23.50
coec choiceFire Blow PokerFire Blow Poker $29.75

About Holiday Gift Guide

Our Holiday Gift Guide will help you find that perfect gift for special outdoors person who work or play outside. Our high quality, high functioning gear ensures that the gifts you buy this will will continue to keep giving for many holiday seasons to come, and will provide that special someone with the peace of mind that their gear will perform as it should when needed in all types of conditions.

Types of Holiday Gift Guide

Gifts for Family Campers Family Camping trips can set the stage for a lifetime of outdoor experiences - be sure everyone at your camp has the gear they need to be comfortable and thriving.
Gifts for Outdoor Workers Anyone who works outside knows that keeping warm on the job makes the difference between a miserable shift and a good day's work.
Gifts for Survivalists Minimal gear and minimal weight define the survivalist approach - making the quality of these products essential.
Gifts for Backcountry Campers Backcountry camping requires one to be self-sufficient, and carry your requirements for success with you. Reliable, functional gear is paramount.
Gifts for Hunters and Fishermen Staying warm, and having quality tools to process fish and game checks the boxes on any hunter's or fisherperson's list.
Gifts for Bushcrafters Bushcraft is a of skillsets and working with materials in one's environment in a respectful way to provide the necessities not only survive, but to thrive.
Gifts for Kids Getting kids into the outdoors is not only a sacred trust, but an investment in both their and society's futures.
Gifts for Beginner Campers Key pieces of gear to get those just starting enjoying the outdoors off to a good start!
Stocking Stuffers For Less than $30 Even on a tight budget, there's plenty of great gift ideas at The Canadian Outdoor Equipment Co.
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