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Gifts for Hunters and Fishermen

Staying warm, and having quality tools to process fish and game checks the boxes on any hunter's or fisherperson's list.
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About Gifts for Hunters and Fishermen

Staying warm, and having quality tools to process fish and game checks the boxes on any hunter's or fisherperson's holiday list.

Our Gifts for Hunters and Fishermen

We stock only the best in Gifts for Hunters and Fishermen so you can rest assured knowing you're COEC Equipped.
Woolpower Full Zip Jacket
Woolpower Full Zip JacketThe perfect mid layer jacket- full zip sweater has high, reinforced collar and cuffs with thumb holes, and has a longer back to avoid gaps.
Moose and Deer Gauntlet Mitts
Moose and Deer Gauntlet MittsOur Canadian made moose and deer hide gauntlet mitts are tough, durable and warm. Moose and deer leather is naturally water repellant, and stays soft and supple in the cold, unlike cow's leather. Available in normal or one-fingered models.
Savotta Side Pouches
Savotta Side PouchesSavotta Side Pouches provide PALS/MOLLE compatible modular storage space for Savotta's Jaakari backpacks (or any other PALS compatible pack). Perfect for keeping items you need often or at the ready (rain gear, thermal layers, tarps, water bottles, stoves, etc..), Savotta Side Pouches sport covered zippers, webbing loops on the front for carabiners or other attachments, and an internal pocket, 25 mm D-ring, and webbing loop.
Savotta Jaakari M (Jääkäri-Backpack)
Savotta Jaakari M (Jääkäri-Backpack)The Jaakari M backpack is an excellent 22 - 30L day or multi-day pack that offers MOLLE compatibility for maximum flexibility, a rigid frame sheet for the transfer of load weight onto the hips, a padded suspension, and Savotta's tough-as-nails construction.
Woolpower Socks - 400 g/m² - Rust Red
Woolpower Socks - 400 g/m² - Rust RedNew for 2021, Woolpower introduces new "Rust Red" colour - new shade, same great mix of merino wool and polyamide that's machine washable in hot (60°C) water, and machine dryable.
Knife & Axe Blade Oil
Knife & Axe Blade OilKnife & Axe Blade Oil is plant based, non-toxic, petroleum free, odour free, biodegradeable, and perfect for protecting axe and knife blades from corrosion, without the use of petroleum. Made in Canada.
Knife & Axe Handle Wax
Knife & Axe Handle WaxKnife & Axe Handle Wax is a specially formulated mix of all natural plant based oils and beeswax that can be easily applied to wooden handles to provide waterproofing and moisture protection, as well as improving grip. Made in Canada.
Knife & Axe Axe Stone
Knife & Axe Axe StoneThe Knife & Axe Axe stone is a large (7.5cm diameter), two grit (240 and 400) axe stone that can be used dry, with water, or with oil. The included screw top aluminum tin is great for both soaking and storing the stone.
Knife & Axe Sheath Cream
Knife & Axe Sheath CreamKnife & Axe Sheath Cream is a specially designed mix of all natural plant based oils and waxes that moisturizes and protects leather, while imparting a deep lustre and shine. Non-toxic, petroleum free, and made in Canada.
Savotta Sleeping Mat
Savotta Sleeping MatThe Savotta Sleeping Mat was originally designed for the Finnish Army. It's made from durable, waterproof nylon, and features waterproof skirts that fold out - great in winter camping situations, or as a general purpose camp mat.
Helle 2022 Limited Edition JS Knife
Helle 2022 Limited Edition JS KnifeThe 2022 Special Limited Edition Helle JS knife is named after Jan Steffen Helle - current production manager and grandson of company founder Sigmund Helle. The black with red highlights pays homage to the forge that Sigmund was tasked with running.Available only for a limited time while supplies last.
Woolpower Long Johns with Fly
Woolpower Long Johns with FlyYou haven't felt what a difference a great pair of long johns until you've tried these - made of a circular knit fabric, they have no lengthwise seams. A gusset in the back ensures optimal comfort. Cuffs are sewn in.
Woolpower Balaclava
Woolpower BalaclavaA howling wind in -25°C calls for serious head protection - that's where a balaclava comes in.
Frost River Accessory Bags
Frost River Accessory BagsFrost River Accessory Bags (available in 3 sizes) are surprisingly spacious due to their triangular (narrow at the bottom, wide at the top) design, and are ideal for stowing various items (toiletries, paracord, bug spray, batteries, utensils, etc..).
Kelly Kettle Stainless Steel Scout Camp Kettle
Kelly Kettle Stainless Steel Scout Camp KettleThe Kelly Kettle Stainless Steel Scout Kettle features a shorter profile than the Base Camp or Trekker models, but maintains a capacity of 1.2L, making it suitable for groups of 3 or 4, and like all Kelly Kettles uses readily available materials (pinecones, bark, grasses, twigs) for fuel.
Frost River Shell Bag
Frost River Shell Bag The Frost River Shell Bag is a tough, rugged over the shoulder option for anybody looking to add some extra storage and carrying capacity. Used by hunters, anglers and hikers alike, this bag can carry any extra ammo, plano boxes, or other gear and supplies that you want to keep dry and easily accessible. You can even take it on all your daily adventures and use it as a functional everyday shoulder bag or purse.
Firebox All-In-One Folding Firebox Kit
Firebox All-In-One Folding Firebox KitThe 5" Firebox All-In-One is a complete Gen2 5" folding Firebox Kit which includes: Gen2 5" folding Firebox, cotton carrying case, cordura carrying case, extra fire sticks (2 pair), standard grill plate, extended grill plate, adjustable fire grate, and a boil plate.
Firebox Titanium Nano X-Case Kit
Firebox Titanium Nano X-Case KitThe Firebox Titanium Nano X-Case Kit features Firebox's Ti (titanium) Nano stick stove, their X-Case kit, and a cloth bag for the utmost in lightweight, compact stick stove cooking.
Viking Pendant Whetstone
Viking Pendant WhetstoneThe Viking Pendant Whetstone is a handy, wearable, 600 - 800 grit sharpening stone of Arkansas novaculite, that features a beveled edge (for knives), a rounded edge (for serrated edges), and a groove for fish hooks, and can be used dry, with water, or oil. Comes with an adjustable leather cord. Made in the USA.
Helle Steinbit Knife
Helle Steinbit KnifeThe Steinbit was designed by Espen Thorup and is light, balanced, and the most flexible of Helle's fillet knives; perfect for filleting all your catches, including larger fish.
Chromium Oxide Paste
Chromium Oxide PasteChromium Oxide paste is used to coat a leather strop with very fine particulate that works to smooth and refine knife or axe edges after sharpening, increasing the keenness of a sharpened edge.
Bushbox LF Set
Bushbox LF SetThe Bushbox LF set includes a Bushbox LF stove, Universal grate (for use with alternate fuel choices, or as a grill), and a heavy-duty cordura carrying case.
Fenix HM70R Headlamp
Fenix HM70R HeadlampThe Fenix HM70R runs on its included, and powerful ARB-L21-5000 rechargeable 5000mAH 21700 battery, has a maximum brightness of 1600 lumens and a maximum runtime of 100 hours. Features a fully adjustable, and reflective headband.
Double Sided Paddle Strop
Double Sided Paddle StropOur wide, two sided paddle strop features one side with grain leather, the other with flesh side leather, providing two surfaces for the use of different compounds, or for applying chromium oxide to one side, and leaving the other as a final, leather only stropping surface.
Stormproof Matches
Stormproof MatchesThe Starflash® signal mirror is unbreakable, scratch resistant, and floats!
Outdoors the Scandinavian Way - Using a Knife
Outdoors the Scandinavian Way - Using a KnifeLars Fält's guide for all things Knife: knife history and use by indigenous peoples, how to use a knife safely, how to teach children to use a knife, sharpening, care, cleaning and maintenance of not only the blade, but the handle and sheath as well. Lars Fält has a long and storied history in the Swedish outdoor and survival community, and a lifetime of knife use, and knife use instruction.
Helle Fiskekniv Knife
Helle Fiskekniv KnifeThe Helle Fiskekniv is a great all around fillet knife; flexible and razor sharp, it'll make quick work of your day's catch.
Adventure Medical Kits - Field Trauma First Aid Kit (CLONE)
Adventure Medical Kits - Field Trauma First Aid Kit (CLONE)Adventure Medical's Sportsman's Kits are designed with hunters and fisherman (and fisherwomen) in mind. Good for groups of 1 - 4 for trips up to 4 days in length, the Whitetail Medical Kit is designed for everything from blisters, burns and strains to wounds from fish hooks, arrows or bullets.
Helle Nord knife
Helle Nord knifeThe Helle Nord knife is a large, full tang outdoor and bushcraft knife that was developed to meet the demands of wilderness use. Thin enough for effective cutting, but strong enough for most outdoor tasks, the Helle Nord is best suited to users with large hands who are looking for a large (5.8") blade.
Mors Kochanski - Basic Safe Travel & Boreal Survival Handbook
Mors Kochanski - Basic Safe Travel & Boreal Survival HandbookWhile Mors Kochanski’s much loved “Bushcraft" is devoted mostly to the use of nature as the source of materials to live comfortably in the bush, his new title “Basic Safe Travel & Boreal Survival Handbook" goes into great length on how to cope with the major stresses one is apt to encounter when survival is one’s prime concern - including: dehydration, hypothermia, sleep deprivation, sleeping bags, bush beds and shelters, warming and signal fires, knife skills, useful knots, and conduct on bear country plus sections on navigation, map and compass skills, and crossing rivers safely.
Katadyn Gravity Befree 10L Water Filter
Katadyn Gravity Befree 10L Water Filter The new Katadyn Gravity BeFree 10L water filter, is the quickest, easiest way to purify water at camp. Featuring Katadyn's EZ-Clean Membrane, the Gravity BeFree 10L has a fast flow rate of 2L/minute, a see through water indicator window, a quick release hose system, and a capacity of up to 1000 L before changing filters.
Helle Hellefisk Knife
Helle Hellefisk KnifeThe Helle Hellefisk is a floating fillet knife; the cork handle ensures that the "one that got away" wasn't your knife!
Helle Wabakimi Knife
Helle Wabakimi KnifeThe Helle Wabakimi is the third collaboration between "Surviviorman" Les Stroud and Helle. Featuring a full, hidden tang (like the Temagami), the Wabakimi sports a slightly smaller handle, and a wider, more swept blade of Helle triple laminate stainless steel.
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