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Outdoor Backpacks and Bags

With the right outdoor pack you can organize and store your gear carefully and comfortably so you're prepared and ready to enjoy your time outdoors.
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Products 1 to 40 of 91
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Frost River
Recreational Barrel Works
Sportes Inc
coec choiceSavotta Trinket PocketsSavotta Trinket Pockets $17.75 - $29.25
coec choiceSavotta Side PouchesSavotta Side Pouches $57.75 - $80.25
coec choiceSavotta Mesh Roll Top Stuff SackSavotta Mesh Roll Top Stuff Sack $30.25 - $52.75
coec choiceSavotta Jaakari M (Jääkäri-Backpack)Jaakari M (Jääkäri-Backpack) $323.00 - $338.00
coec choiceJaakari S ((Mini Jääkäri Daypack)Jaakari S (Mini Jääkäri Daypack) $198.00 - $210.50
coec choiceRBW Expedition Canoe PackRBW Expedition Canoe Pack $159.25 - $189.25
coec choiceJaakari L (Rajajääkäri)Jaakari L (Rajajääkäri) $528.25 - $548.25
coec choiceRBW Tripper Canoe PackRBW Tripper Canoe Pack $118.25
coec choiceRBW Waterproof Canoe Pack/Backpack LinerRBW Waterproof Canoe Pack/Backpack Liner $45.50 - $54.75
coec choiceExped Waterproof Compression BagExped Waterproof Compression Bag $58.00 - $70.00coec choiceRecreational Barrel Works HarnessRBW Expedition Barrel Harness $122.75
coec choiceFrost River Isle Royale Jr Bushcraft PackFrost River Isle Royale Jr Bushcraft Pack $565.75
coec choiceFrost River Camp Cook's Kitchen Canoe PackFrost River Camp Cook's Kitchen Canoe Pack $675.00
coec choiceFrost River Cliff Jacobson Signature PackFrost River Cliff Jacobson Signature Pack $354.50
coec choiceFrost River Summit Boulder Junction Pack with Padded Buckskin Shoulder StrapsFrost River Summit Boulder Junction Pack with Padded Buckskin Shoulder Straps $497.75
Lidded Barrel BucketsLidded Barrel Buckets $19.25 - $21.00
Savotta 210D Rolltop StuffsackSavotta 210D Rolltop Stuffsack $29.00 - $52.75
Barrel Bucket 20L/30L/60LBarrel Buckets $16.50 - $18.25
Frost River Accessory BagsFrost River Accessory Bags $30.00 - $38.25
Barrel Pocket OrganizerBarrel Pocket Organizer $18.25
Savotta 500D Roll Top Stuff SackSavotta 500D Roll Top Stuff Sack $69.00 - $95.25
External Barrel PouchExternal Barrel Pouch $27.25
Savotta Keikka 50L Duffle BagSavotta Keikka 50L Duffle Bag $294.25
Savotta Backpack/Rucksack Rain CoverSavotta Backpack/Rucksack Rain Cover $37.50 - $57.75
Extra Large External Barrel PouchExtra Large External Barrel Pouch $36.50
60L/30L/20L Barrel CoolerBarrel Cooler $27.25 - $42.00
Savotta Hatka 12L DaypackHatka 12L Daypack $122.75 - $137.75
Frost River Shell Bag Frost River Shell Bag $116.00 - $129.50
Recreational Barrel Works 30L Canoe BarrelRecreational Barrel Works 30L Canoe Barrel $98.25 - $218.75
Frost River Accessory Bag - Heritage Black EditionFrost River Accessory Bag - Heritage Black Edition $30.00 - $38.25
Frost River Iona's Pack CubesFrost River Iona's Pack Cubes $54.50 - $81.75Frost River Saw BagFrost River Saw Bag $41.00 - $47.75
Savotta Keikka 80L Duffle BagSavotta Keikka 80L Duffle Bag $354.25
Savotta Vertical Pocket - MediumSavotta Vertical Pocket - Medium $46.50
Savotta Horizontal Pocket - SmallSavotta Horizontal Pocket - Small $39.75
Savotta Vertical Pocket - LargeSavotta Vertical Pocket - Large $57.75 - $62.75
Savotta Keikka 30L Duffle BagSavotta Keikka 30L Duffle Bag $250.50
Maxpedition KeyperMaxpedition Keyper $19.75
Recreational Barrel Works 60L Canoe BarrelRecreational Barrel Works 60L Canoe Barrel $132.00 - $251.95
Savotta Horizontal Pocket - MediumSavotta Horizontal Pocket - Medium $44.00

About Outdoor Backpacks and Bags

Getting outdoors for more than an hour or two requires bringing some gear and equipment out with you (water, maps, compasses, medical kits). Having some way to store, organize and carry your gear comfortably, makes travel and recreation in the outdoors possible. Whether riding your bike to work, going for a day hike, doing a extended canoe trip or hiking expedition, or travelling on business, having the right pack, properly organized, can make all the difference in the world. We offer different styles and makes of packs based on the type of activity and length of trip you’re planning - from highly technical, framed, Finnish made Savotta packs to Maxpedition's line up of day and multi-day packs, to traditionally hand crafted Frost River canoe and back packs - we have a bag to suit your needs.

Types of Outdoor Backpacks and Bags

Savotta Backpacks Savotta has been making packs for the Finnish military since the 1960's. Built for the needs and rigours of serious users, Savotta packs are well designed and well made.
Canoe Packs Canoe packs are large capacity packs used during portages and while on canoe trips in the back country.
Barrel Packs & Harnesses Barrel packs and harnesses are staples of Canadian canoe trips. These rugged, waterproof, food grade barrels are perfect for storing food and supplies, and do double duty as cutting boards, and camp chairs.
Hiking Backpacks Day packs are smaller capacity (12L to 35L) backpacks that provide enough volume for a day hike, an overnight trip, or for every day carry around town.
Hiking Packs Hiking packs offer larger capacities than day packs, and are designed to transfer the pack's load onto the hips to support carrying heavy loads long distances.
Outdoors Pockets & Pouches Increase the efficiency and organization of your gear with additional organizers, pouches, sheathes, and pockets.
Frost River Waxed Canvas Packs Original waxed canvas, local Minnesota leather, and solid brass hardware, Frost River's packs are up to the rigours of serious outdoor use - whether canoeing, hiking, or hunting.
Maxpedition Outdoor Backpacks and Bags Maxpedition backpacks, gearslingers and versipacks are hard use, military spec nylon gear that is rugged, modular in design and built to last a lifetime.

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